Mining Production & Exploration Drilling

Mountainland Drilling & Utilities understands the challenges often presented in the ongoing phases of exploratory drilling required for mining production. Our drill rig supplies help your team extract the core samples needed to accurately evaluate a potential site.

  • Coring Bits
  • Percussion Hammers/Bits & Parts
  • Under Reamer Systems
  • Tricone Bits (Drag Bits, 3-Wing, Chevron & Step Style)
  • Reamers
  • Coring Tools
  • Overshots & Parts
  • Hammers & Bits
  • Drill Rod
  • Drilling Muds & Fluids
  • Thread Compound
  • Breakout Tooling
  • Safety Clamps – Link style

Products  from our exploratory drilling supply inventory can assist your team with drilling core holes, exploratory boreholes, exploratory wells, hydroprobes, microhole arrays, slim holes, step- out well, and thermal gradient holes.

From the rig to the drill string, our customers trust us to safely and efficiently deliver the most innovative, advanced, and complete solution available, contributing to the bottom line.

We can get you a quote, FAST!

Put our staff to work – for you! When you call during normal business hours, chances are you won’t have to listen to a recording telling you which button to push in order to speak to a real person. In most cases, we can give you a quote right over the phone, the first time you call.

Break ground without breaking the bank

Our staff has been in the drilling industry for decades, so we know your ability to make money depends on competitive and accurate pricing. We do the research so we can provide the best possible price for your project’s drilling supplies.