Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

While the completed project is generally above ground, the project starts below it. At Mountainland Drilling & Utilities, we know that the conditions below the surface are as critical and complex as the structures that sit atop it. These sub-surface conditions can significantly impact the scope of your project’s design, budget and schedule.

  • PVC Well Casing & Screen
  • Stainless Screen & Casing
  • Safety Clamps-Kwik Clamps
  • Monuments & Manholes
  • Drilling Muds and Fluids
  • Drill Mud Mixing and Measuring Equipment
  • Augers, Bits, & Tooling
  • Drill Rod
  • Sampling Equipment
  • Silica Sand
  • Thread Compound
  • Breakout Tooling

Having the right equipment to investigate and then navigate these conditions is essential to maintaining an efficient, safe, and cost-effective project.

Mountainland is fully equipped with augers, bits, tooling and other equipment to accommodate whatever techniques of drilling methods are required for your project.

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Break ground without breaking the bank

Our staff has been in the drilling industry for decades, so we know your ability to make money depends on competitive and accurate pricing. We do the research so we can provide the best possible price for your project’s drilling supplies.